A Vampire Adventures Mystery in the Mail - Wire Money to St. Germain fortune teller

$ 120.00

St. Germaine Tells All! 

You've always wanted to visit New Orleans.  You have heard of the St. Germaine Fortune Telling Machine that is on display at the Boutique du Vampyre.  It is said that St. Germaine once roamed the streets of the French Quarter, taking victims to his home, where he would then sate his hunger.  When he was found out, he disappeared overnight, and when the authorities broke into his home they found bottles of wine, many of them.  The bottles were said to have been half full of wine, and half human blood.

 St. Germaine was very wise, and now the fortune telling machine continues to share his wisdom.  Your adventure begins as soon as you wire money to Boutique du Vampyre with instructions to receive a fortune from St. Germain.  But be careful.  Once St. Germaine has made contact with you, you become fair game.

Your Vampire Mystery in the Mail Adventure includes:

An e-mail that kicks off the adventure.

Three separate mailings, to your home, over a month's time.

An adventure in which you are required to help solve the mystery, through the gathering of fortunes.  The most important one is a fortune you are sending to yourself in the future.  When the mystery unravels - you will see you won't know who to trust - but yourself!  Or can you?