Rufus the Yule Bat

Rufus the Yule Bat

$ 45.00

These handcrafted plush bats are created for us by artist Kim B. Kreatures.  

Rufus comes with the attached poem which tells you what he does, as well as a little children's book that explains how Rufus became the Yule Bat.


Rufus Poem:

It's winter time in New Orleans

Yuletide fills the air.

Holiday magic and excitement

Cause sleep to become very rare.

Never fear dear winter wanders

Yule magic is on its way.

Rufus and his collar of bells

Bring sleep without delay

Before you go to bed each night

Open his little wings.

Hear his magic collar jingle,

Wonderful dreams he brings.

When you wake, remember,

Close his wings up tight.

For Rufus must rest at day time,

to create dreams for the following night.