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Vampire Mystery Package With Wine Tasting

$ 149.95

Drink up!

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This special edition mystery package comes complete with three bottles of Vampire Vineyards varieties.   All three award winning wines will arrive at your door.  You just have to invite them in.  

Cabernet, Merlot, and a delicious red wine blend.*

Create your own wine tasting, or a delicious three course meal you pair with each varietal.   The choice is yours.

You of course will also receive in a separate package an assortment of fangtastic vampire favorites from Boutique du Vampyre to complete your vampire experience.

Our promise - you will love them and feel like you got a bang for you buck!

Who's up for a good bite?

*all funds received will be received by http://vampire.com who are participating with us in this promotion. They will receive the funds and ship the wine to you separately from the mystery package..  Must be 21 to order wine package.

 We are not able to ship to KY, AL, UT, DE, and MS.

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