Welcome to Boutique du Vampyre


Welcome!  If you have access to this page, then you are family. We trust you will covet this page for your personal use. La Chambre du Vampyre is at your disposal to ensure a comfortable stay while visiting New Orleans.

You will find it to be most luxurious and a little magical as well.Below are the dates other family members have alerted us to their visits, so that you may plan your travels accordingly.


While by day, the Chambre offers a lively and lovely atmosphere, with its exclusive colorful courtyard and balcony, bursting with seasonal blossoms....

At sunset, the property transforms into a magical, mystical, place that allows your imagination to run wild.


Our private courtyard is at your disposal. 







Please let us know any dates you would like to reserve.Current Schedule:


12 5 - 9,  larry and theresa

12/12 Rob and Monica

12-31,Ralph and Lisa


January 10 - 14th Leigh Ann , Brend DeBard

January  15 - 25th renee and jimmy


13-17th tom and patty

24-25 Mardi gras lia's mom

March 5-8 hilary/zak

March 8 -14 ronakd

March 15-19 dan ramage

March 26, 27, 28  Ronald,

April 3-7th  Steve's friends. 

April 23rd - 26th Lori

April 27-30

May 21-25 Tom and Patty

June 18-22 tom and patty

July Pete and Karen


Pete and Karen (back up Ralph and Lisa)

Novemver 9-15th hilary and zak


December 31st - new years eve, Ralph an Lisa





Please get in touch!