Candles & Incense

Vampires crave light -
It is after all the one thing they are forced to live without.

Fascinated by it's tranquil flicker, Vampires have experimented with candle
making for centuries.  These handmade Fortune Candles reveal Little
charms, as the wax melts, to help you interpret your fortune.
Sit back, and let the candle's hypnotic effect captivate you.

All of our special fortune candles have beautiful little pewter charms
inside, so that as your candle burns they slowly reveal themselves.  The
charms will tell you something about yourself and your fortune.  However,
we choose the right candle for you.  Please choose the style that you
prefer, Once you add a candle to your cart, you will be asked to answer a
few questions to help us pick the perfect candle for you.